About Personelle


After the shooting at Parkland, the thought of my two children never coming home compelled me to create something tangible for March for Our Lives. I'm a designer who has been in the fashion industry for 15 years. I no longer see fashion—or any part of our daily lives—as separate from politics. I felt the need to create something that reflects this moment. And the beliefs that many of us share. 

The symbolism seen in ancient Roman and Greek coins inspired my design: Coin #1. It serves an emblem of support for #MarchForOurLives, inspired by the students demanding change to our country's gun laws. It reflects the power each of us hold to support companies and brands that take a stand for gun reform. 

Coin #1 is meant to be worn, shared, and held onto like the conviction it embodies.


Personelle Jewelry is a female-focused brand that touches on personal meaning in jewelry. Personelle blends "personal" and "elle" the French word for woman. 

Using transparent and ethical manufacturing practices, the company designs and produces pieces as needed, working from a New York City-based supply chain. We use recycled metals and our suppliers uphold ecological practices for sourcing gemstones and diamonds. We strive for transparency, ethical community-based living, and devotion to causes which work to make the world better. For every piece sold, a percentage of the sales will be donated to causes we believe in. 

Please follow us for updates and for new drops coming soon.

Love + solidarity,

Sarah Magid